Moon wood resin balsam

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The resin comes from 350 year old spruces from the Gerschialp, an alp at Engelberg at 1300 meters above sea level. The trees were felled in December as the moon was decreasing.

Moon wood is wood that is harvested in September to February in the decreasing moon phase before new moon. In this period the sap of the tree is quiet, the felled trees with the branches are left for eight weeks. During this time, the tree is still trying to form fruits and directs the last sap into the branches. After limbing, the trunk remains relatively dry.

The name spruce (Picea abies) comes from piceus and means resinous. In astrology, spruce resin is associated with the planet Mercury and supports communication and clarity.

The resin of spruce has been used for centuries in the traditional medicine for the treatment of skin diseases. Investigations of the Foundation for Rheumatism in Heinola / Finland have shown that spruce resin has a positive influence on cell viability. The study showed antimicrobial properties and was effective in the treatment of infected skin ulcers.

            Moon wood resin in its rawness and the finish

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Thanks to the antiseptic effect, the resin is used as a healing agents. Due to the blood circulation-enhancing and anti-inflammatory effect, it is recommended in the folk medicine recipes for rheumatism and osteoarthritis complaints.

Lésura moon wood resin balsam can be used as an ointment for cuts (directly on the wound), skin abrasions, metal or wood splinters, skin irritations, pimples, pus and for very dry skin.

The moon wood resin balsam is smooth, absorbs easily into the skin, it is productive and spreads a fresh scent of the forest. 

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