Larch resin balsam

Their larch resin balsam has different facets, as does the tree itself. Almost crystal clear and invisible in the winter, the resin hides in the spar, inside the tree, and very rarely, golden yellow on the tree trunk, similar to the larch forests with its golden needles in the late autumn.

Larch resin in its rawness

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Larch resin improves the blood circulation, disinfects, heals wounds, it's warming, relieves pain in rheumatic and neuralgic complaints and lumbago.

A larch Metuselah


Other applications: for poorly healing wounds, boils, abscesses, stubborn ulcers, inflammation of joints, muscles, nerves and phlebitis, coughs and sneezes. 

The finale!


Lésura larch resin balsam can be used as an ointment for cuts (directly on the wound), skin abrasions, metal or wood splinters, skin irritations, pimples, pus and for very dry skin.


The larch resin balsam is smooth, absorbs easily into the skin, it is productive and spreads a fresh scent of the forest.

Larch trees in its winter dress