Resin balsam

Even Hippocrates mentioned the healing properties of pine resin in his Materia Medica. In medieval monastic medicine, Hildegard von Bingen, she was a German Bededictine abbess and is considered to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany, used it as a remedy for the treatment of wounds and promoting blood circulation.

Thanks to its antiseptic effect, the resin is used as a healing agent. Due to the blood circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory effects, it is recommended in the folk medicine recipes for rheumatism and osteoarthritis complaints.

Lésura resin balsam can be used as an ointment for cuts (directly on the wound), skin abrasions, metal or wood splinters, skin irritations, pimples, pus and for very dry skin.

The resin balsam is smooth, absorbs easily into the skin, it is productive and spreads a fresh scent of the forest.