Honey facts!

In order to produce 500 grams of honey, the bees have to fly about twice around the earth!

It takes around 7'000'000 flowers, yes 7 million, for 1 kilogram of honey!

Queen, she can lay 5 - 7 million eggs, 2000 pieces per day! This amount of eggs weighs more than the queen herself!


Ready for extraction!

Honey promotes natural wound healing

Honey can be used externally to aid natural wound healing in the event of minor injuries or skin impurities. 

There have been cases in which honey quickly cured stubborn surgical wounds that would otherwise open again.

When honey is used for natural wound healing, its ability to absorb moisture from the air accelerates the healing effect and prevents the scarring.

Honey accelerates the development of epithelial cells that form the new skin and cover the surface of the wound.

Honey promotes the natural healing process of the skin tissue thus it can grow again. It promotes the growth of fibroblasts growth factor, which replace the connective tissue in the deeper layers of the skin by accelerating the development of new capillaries. In addition, it enhances the production of collagen fibers that enhance the healing effect.

Honey has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces the swelling around a wound. This promotes blood circulation, and in this way the convalescence is accelerated and the pain subsides.

It forms an effective protection against infections because of its antibacterial properties. At the same time honey combats existing infections. It can even be effective against bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Unlike antiseptics and antibiotics, it causes no side effects.