Two main components: 

Demeter/bio-dynamic olive oil and 

 alpine organic beeswax from Grisons 

(south-eastern part of Switzerland)

Olive oil has an antioxidant effect and stimulates cell renewal/regeneration. 

Beeswax has a strong repairing and protective effect on the skin tissue.

Other components:

Organic honey from Grisons

Honey has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the immune system, supports and accelerates wound healing.

Naturally pure essential oils from wild harvesting or organic cultivation.

Douglas fir

Pine needles



Sea pine

Wild mountain lavender

Petit grain Bigarade


Sandal wood

Juniper berry

Red cedar

Bitter Orange

Rose geranium



Tea tree

Pure natural essential oils are the fragrant soul of plants. Unlike all other sensory organs, the impulses of the nose go directly to the brain. That's why we immediately associate odors with our emotions and the scents can be used as excellent therapeutic tools.

Fir resin, Swiss stone pine resin, Larch resin, mountain pin resin and moon wood resin are all from wild harvesting!

Saint John's wort and arnica blossoms are from wild harvesting!

The Calendula/margold blossoms are from my personal garden!