Arnica balsam

Arnica (Arnica montana Asteraceae)

Externally, arnica has an analgesic effect on inflammation and has good effects on rheumatic muscles and joint troubles. Arnica is also the first choice for sprains, sore muscles, bruises, and broken bones.

Thanks to the hyperemic property of the arnica, it is well-suited for varicose veins and phlebitis. Arnica also has a germ-inhibiting effect and inhibits fungal growth.

The balsam has two ingredients: arnica macerate and organic beeswax! 

I collect the arnica flowers at least 2000 meters above sea level.

The arnica combines mountain sun forces with quartz-permeated (rock crystal substance) root forces. In the blood (blossom) there is movement, in the nervous system (root) there is rest, in between is the heart, which balances movement and rest in its rhythmic beat. If this harmony is disturbed by illness or accident, the arnica heals it. The root of the arnica is the medicinal plant for the central nervous system of the brain and spinal cord.

Dr. Jürg Reinhard, sanfte Heilpraxis