Hand balsam Yang

Lésura hand balsam Yang is made of all-natural essential oils of Sandelwood, red cedar wood and juniper berry. Earthy and stimulating. For all dry and stressed skin. 

Blossom of sandelwood

Sandalwood is very skin-friendly, strengthens the nerves and brings peace.

Read cedar

The red cedar is the largest plant of the genus Juniperus.

Juniper berry

In der Volksmedizin werden Wacholder-beeren bei rheuma-tischen Beschwerden und Diabetes einge-setzt.

The essential oil of Sandalwood (Santolum album) increases the creative power and mental thinking, gives peace and contentment. At the same time it helps us release fears, aggression and tension. In India, sandalwood is often used in Ayurveda as a convalescent medicine in hospitals.

The essential oil of Red cedar (Virgin Juniper Juniperus virginana) is energy booster. The Native Americans traditionally used them to enter into the higher spiritual realms.

The essential oil of juniper berry (Juniperus communis) Threatening emotions which might overwhelm you lose their power. It helps to release old patterns and cleans the environment / aura of negative influences.